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Schedule: Thursdays, 6 AM - 7 AM sharp!
Group Type: Adults Group Type: College Day of the Week: Thursday Time of Day: Morning Location: GraceSLO Campus
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We as men need one another.   We were not called to follow Jesus alone, but together.  Men's Connect is a gathering of men of all generations who meet together to read good books, pray and fellowship together.  We are trying to grow in our faith and leadership in the home and church. 

As we begin the new year and in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, we are reading "Rescuing the Gospel:  The Story and Significance of the Reformation.   You can purchase your copy HERE. 

We'd love to have you join us! 

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  • Members
  • Blake Rowan (Leader)
  • Chip Neuenschwander (Leader)
  • David ZagRodny (Leader)
  • Jim Burleson (Leader)
  • Tim Theule (Leader)
  • Adam Donald

  • Al Bucknam

  • Bob Holzhauer

  • Bob Whitworth

  • Brandon Newby

  • Chris Codding

  • Chung-Te Tzou

  • Connor Sprague

  • David Schuster

  • Erik Head

  • Erik Nystrom

  • Fred Kessler

  • Frederick Henderson

  • Gary Holtz

  • Gus Svendsen

  • Henry Miersma

  • Jerry Beck

  • Joel Sheets

  • Johannes Haar

  • John Evans

  • John Paul Jones

  • Josh Ronda

  • Joshua Crawford

  • Joshua Proctor

  • Kevin Haggard

  • Kevin Shaw

  • Kurt Gloeckler

  • Mark Hazlebeck

  • Matt Curtis

  • Mauricio Saavedra

  • Michael Toews

  • Miles Nelson

  • Nathan Meinert

  • Pat Curtis

  • Richard Jordan

  • Russ Fleming

  • Shane Williams

  • Tim Irving

  • Timmy Puerling