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Men's Friday Morning Study

Group type: Men's Studies
Schedule: Every Friday morning at 7am or 8am
Group Type: Adults Group Type: College Group Type: Young Adult Group Type: Intergenerational Adults Location: San Luis Obispo
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This group is open to new members.
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The goal of our group is a transformed life in the image of Jesus.  Transformation happens consistently, in community, over time.  Because of this, we want only guys that are committed to the study of God's Word consistently with like minded men.  If you are one of these guys, we welcome you with open arms.  We meet together in two groups of about 8-12 guys each at 7am or 8am to study God's Word together.  We read Gods Word at a realistic pace  each  week and ask you to come prepared to discuss what you read.  It's easy and life changing.  Please join us!
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